Cycles HB21 Happiness Bicycles In Dijon : Bicycle Shop Repair Service Bikes

Cycles HB21 Happiness Bicycles In Dijon : Bicycle Shop Repair Service Bikes 21000 DIJON 


Burgundy by bike, you looking bike shop in DIJON, for a shop bicycle repairs or a bike shop service ? 


Bike shop in dijon, south to Dijon city center 21 - Côte d'Or - 118 Rue Monge 21000 Dijon


Sale and repair bicycles in Dijon 21, Cycles HB21, authorized dealer bicycle store in Dijon 21000, bring you quality services to purchase your bike for urban cycling and leisure sports. Strong cycling culture, since 2008, the bike shop Cycles HB21 (Cycles Happiness Bicycles in Dijon) is the architect of your bike passion and offers to sell new bike, rider equipment and parts cycles for all the passions of bicycle find their happiness.


Cycles HB21 Happiness Bicycles In Dijon : Bicycle Shop Repair Service Bikes at 21000 DIJON


Cycles HB21, Happiness Bicycles in Dijon, is a bike store that celebrates its 10 years in 2018 and offers a complete range of electric bicycle solutions to ride. From the power to measure with the French brands Easybike, Matra and Solex, with Bosch or TranzX motors ebikes, designed and produced in France, at Saint-Lô. Discover the top Dutch production with traditional bicycles and electric bicycles Royal Dutch Gazelle, or the e-bikes Italian Atala with Bosch or OLIeds motors ebikes, or the Deutsche Qualität of German bicycles Univega with Bosch motors ebikes. Cycles HB21 offers all the equipment of the cyclist, helmets, clothing and registered secur locks. Cycles HB21 is craftsman approved by bicycle repair by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts Region Burgundy. The workshop services are provided by the store manager, who was former mechanic in french professional cycling teams. For repair and maintenance of bicycle, cyclists and riders in the region gives confidence in the recognized expertise of the service workshop all brands of Cycles HB21. A real plus for after sale!

Magasin de velo Cycles HB21 Happiness Bicycles in Dijon, 118 Rue Monge 21000 Dijon, est la boutique cycles dédiée à la vente de vélos et vélo électrique à Dijon : revendeur point de vente vélos électriques VAE Bergamont Montana VKT Vektor Bafang Bosch Brose OLIeds Shimano TranzX. Cycles HB21 Dijon est artisan agréé réparateur : service atelier réparations vélos et électriques Bafang Bosch Brose OLIeds Shimano TranzX ION.

BONUS VÉLO ÉCOLOGIQUE 2017 VÉLO ÉLECTRIQUE DE 200 EUROS À DIJON · ACHAT DIJON VÉLOS ÉLECTRIQUES VÉLO À ASSISTANCE ÉLECTRIQUE VAE DIJON - Boutique Cycles HB21 Bikes Shop Magasin Vélo de Cyclisme Achat Vente Vélo Électrique Réparation Cycle Reparateur Agréé Réparer Vélos à Dijon

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